Cocktail News
Monday, March 07, 2011
For ice connoiseurs, a great article about the Polar Ice Tray. This combination of nested trays and insulator produces the holy grail of cocktail chilling, CLEAR ICE.
For sale at Yep, this is on our wish list.
Tips for dividing the Polar-made ice slab into smaller chunks.
A cheaper alternative to the Polar Ice Tray is the King Cube tray, available at Amazon. We use ice from this tray at flyingcracker headquarters for Old-Fashioneds. The King Cube creates awesome large ice cubes. You really only need one per drink. However, the ice is not clear, it has "white" air trapped inside just like icemaker cubes.
Late 2009 New York Times article on cocktail glassware. Here is a source for Yarai glasses, etc. mentioned in the article. We like the look of those metal-stoppered bitters bottles, tres chic.
Finally, a few out-of-the-ordinary delicious cocktails to try, from our test site
Nikki Heat - spicy, reminiscent of the Dogwood Cocktail Cabin's "Bee Sting".
Rosita - inspiring use of tequila, vermouth, Campari and bitters
Bramble - we use Leopold Bros. Blackberry Liquor.
Flyingcracker Fizz - signature cocktail created by James Lee.
10K - a flyingcracker original