Ride Lightly - Trail Karma Series #1
Sunday, May 23, 2010

Early season riding in our mountains is looking good, but please tread lightly. At this stage trails are often very moist and extremely fragile. We all know the drill - don't ride around water and mud because that braids the trail. Instead ride through or preferably turn around and wait for a drier day.

As usual the Cement Creek drainage is ahead of most areas for singletrack. We've ridden quite far up Walrod Gulch, crossing just a few lingering avalanche paths. The other evening we rode a  perfectly dry Walrod Cutoff to the 409 intersection. Our journey was relaxing until we called home and Mrs. FlyingCracker reminded us of the mountain lion presence in the area. That got us moving again, in a hurry!

Trail Karma Tip #1 - Improve the trails you ride

Early season riding is the perfect time to bring along your folding saw and Felco pruners, clean up the winter damage, and build up your dwindling Trail Karma reserves. And right on cue the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association hosts the first trail day of the year on the Trail 409 / Cave Trail. Meet this Wednesday at 4 pm at the Cave Trail parking lot on Cement Creek road. Take off work an hour early and come help fix one of the most popular trails in the lower upper valley. There are plenty of sections which need just a bit of loving care. It's not difficult work and CBMBA has many experienced trailbuilders eager to spread their knowledge. We encourage hikers and riders of all types to help improve the National Forest trail nearest to CB South.

Again, meet THIS WEDNESDAY at 4 PM at the Cave Trail parking lot. CBMBA promises a party will follow the work session.

And if you happen to find our GPS, please let us know and collect your reward. Thanks!