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Mar 7, 2011
Skating and skiing aren't the only uses for frozen water... cocktail news.
my flyingcracker

"my flyingcracker" is an exciting new feature at With "my flyingcracker" you organize a custom page showing just the content you want to see. You can display any of twenty three (23) different items. You decide what units to use for temperature, for barometric pressure, and for wind speed. And you decide in what order to show the different sections.

For example a local user might want the forecast, a temperature plot, and the latest CBMR snow report. A user from Phoenix might want to see the webcam photo and the CB News top stories in that order. A UPS or Fedex driver might want to see the current road conditions for the trip between CB and Grand Junction, followed by the forecast. Your relatives in Europe may want to see our current conditions, but need the temperature in Celsius and barometric pressure in millibars. All these scenarios are possible. And you can have all your desired sections displayed in any order.

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